Reimaging everyday routines in ways that are effortless, economical and sustainable.

refresh storage containers
refresh storage containers
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re:fresh  storage containers
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refresh is a new type of experience, with products that come together at the crossroads of health, environmental and functional food trends. With an understanding of the end user, refresh refers to the concept of 'balance' in the dynamic lifestyle of the consumer, in a light and youthful way.


Rethinking the way we interact with our food(print) is crucial. We aren’t just helping you live your best fresh life, we’re going the extra mile to provide balanced solutions for a healthy environment.


From a design point of view we try to create products that help consumers have less impact on the environment; which means products that will reduce food waste or products that reduce the use of single use plastic products.

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refresh food storage containers
Save the leftovers:
Save the planet.

re:fresh food storage containers

Preparing, cooking and storing your favourite meals.

refresh food storage containers

re:fresh recycled cookware

Good for you, your loved ones and our environment.

refresh recycled  cookware

re:fresh sustainable outdoor tableware

Take it anywhere and reduce single use plastic.

refresh dinnerware

re:fresh your style

Make life easy. All day, every day.

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